Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 59

It is very quiet in the house when everyone has gone to sleep.  Normally, I'm not a friend of the quiet.  I usually have to play background noise such as music (although the television and conversation is exempt from this) to concentrate on anything, but there is definitely something about the hum of the night that makes me peaceful and reflective.  It happens often, and it often makes me want to write.

I somewhat despise that I don't function well on little sleep.  If I could, I could write for hours into the night and not be horribly affected the next day.  Sadly, my brain continually shuts off after midnight, even when I don't realize it, and the things I produce after midnight are either brilliant or mush.  Most often, its the latter.

As I've been reading up on writers, I'm beginning to see why some wait until everyone else has gone to bed to write.  Its the only time you don't have distractions.  Andrew Clements, one of my favorite children's authors, goes into a shed in his back yard to concentrate, locking himself up in a temperature-controlled room with a laptop and no Internet connection.  If only I were so brave.

The emphasis on work has been clearly drilled into my head.  Every writer has told me that if you want to be a good writer, you have to work.  That is the first step.  Only 2% of people who start a novel ever complete it, and even less of that 2% get published.  Troubling and quite a depressing figure, but it only makes it more of a success when one actually finishes a novel.  To think, you are in the top 2% of a group of something, and a large group at that.

I'm over 6 chapters into my novel which equals over 11,000 words.  Not that huge of a feat, but I am beginning to find myself more determined to finish this thing, even if never does get published.  The huge support from my boyfriend has been a big help.  Some people, many people, don't understand writers and their need for uninterrupted solitude.  Its not solitude really.  They are spending time with more "people" they love.  Their characters are things that writers hold very near and dear to them.  Its almost as if we write because we have to do our characters justice.

So, onward!  Off I go...another week.  I shall write blazingly.