Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 72

I am not having a very good writing day, so I decided to update here, since I haven't in over 3 weeks.

I have been pondering to what extent I need to let writing consume my life.  As an artist of words, I fall prey to the standard artist dilemma.  How much do you let go?  The more you let go and give to your work, the better your work becomes.  The less you give, you have, potentially, a fuller life with friends and family, but no success in your art.  What do you do?

As with most things, I believe in a balance.  God has blessed me with this talent and wants me to use it for His glory, but I am also convinced He does not want me to neglect the people placed in my life.  Its a difficult balance, especially since most people who aren't writers don't understand what I have to do.

My boyfriend and I have come to an agreement where I get Tuesday nights to myself to write.  He won't bug me, call me, text me, etc. unless its an emergency.  Its almost crazy how good he is at this.  I will message him and he won't even answer.  Haha.

Sadly, my family does not understand this.  I will be writing, and my sister or my mom will come in and start talking to me.  I get frustrated, trying to concentrate (especially when I'm having a tough writing day like today) and they get my mind even more off track.  I get snappy, and then I've hurt both them and my writing because now I'm super distracted.  Blah.

I want to be able to explain to my family, but its hard.  How do you explain that there is one day that writing is king?  How do you understand that if you aren't tapped into that sort of world?

Let me know if you have any answers.