Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 127

Dear anonymous readers of the Internet,

I apologize for the two month absence.  It is horrid, to be sure.  Since I last posted, I've gotten laid off from my job and had a flurry of work-related drama.  Nothing much to tell, though it may one day work its way into a story.  However, I have been able to concentrate on my writing a bit since I've had more time to think.

I'm 25,000+ words into my story, and I'm worried about length.  One of my favorite adult fiction novels is 53,000 words, give or take, and that novel, while not terribly long, was long enough.  I've read longer children's literature, but I'm just wondering how closely should I watch my word count.

I guess, overall, it does not matter.  I just need to finish the draft.

Getting into the story, I'm realizing how much I need to flesh out my main character.  I find it interesting how of all the characters of my book, I have the smallest grasp on my main character.  She feels hollow to me at this point.  I understand that is probably because I need the most depth from her, but its just disappointing.

No one really understands the "work" of a writer.  I am blessed with a boyfriend who is trying to be understanding, though I know that he does not really understands but just simply gives me my space.  He makes a point to encourage me to write and to keep blocking out the times of my day to write, which is a blessing more magnificent than he knows.  I guess that is the best thing he can do is keep me accountable, because by myself, I am an utter basket case.

Having gotten "half-way" word-count-wise through my novel (although I am less than halfway through the plot), I am beginning to understand this daunting "work" set before me.  I know I have to edit this baby, and I am slightly looking forward to it while simultaneously quite fearful of the task, and I have to finish it first.  The whole idea of the thing is just frightening.  Haha.  My favorite adult fiction novel was rewritten 12 times before it was even sent to an editor.  TWELVE?!  Bah.  I'm doomed.

However, I am Day 127 into writing and 25,000 words and I wrote 4 pages today in 1 hour, which is encouraging to me.  The numbers encourage me.  The words do not, ironically enough.  Sometimes I feel like scrapping this entire thing and starting over.

Anyway, on to another day.  I have to finish this chapter so I can turn it in to my workshop partner by Wednesday.  I'm hoping to get it done before then so I can keep writing onward.