Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Birthday Battle

I recently celebrated a birthday, and I have to say that my birthday isn't really something I look forward to.  I don't have that same unbridled excitement I had when I was a kid, just ready to soak in everyone singing to me.

Now, I sit for those 15 seconds while everyone sings Happy Birthday, and in all honesty, it feels a little awkward.  I mean, who do I look at?  I usually end up staring at the cake, sneaking a timid glance up every once in awhile just to see everyone staring at me.

I also don't like the attention while I'm opening gifts either.  I open them and hope I don't react horribly.  I want to show them how much you love the gift, but I'm not that good of an actor.  Not that I get bad gifts, but its just hard to show enthusiasm for the gift card when you just opened a super thoughtful Princess Bride board game from your sister (I'm a Princess Bride fan and the gift was very thoughtful).

This year, however, I end my birthday celebration weekend feeling very blessed.  After you go through a wedding, you begin to understand that people want an opportunity to celebrate you.  They want to give you something.  And as an avid, over-enthusiastic gift-giver myself, I understand that.  I understand that elation you feel getting something for your friend that you know she will really love.  You get so much joy out of giving.

So, this birthday I tried to bask in the attention for the sake of my friends and family.  To really enjoy this time so that they can enjoy it.  It's not my natural instinct.  I actually don't like being in the center of attention.  I don't like the "Wow, you did such a great job!" attention or the "Whoa...did you do something to your hair?" attention.  Praise and encouragement doesn't speak to me.

But I did. I tried to really be the Birthday Girl for them, and what I walked away with was just joy.  The wonderful feeling of being loved.  People do love me.  As much as that sounds self-centered, sometimes I forget just how many people do.  A yearly reminder isn't such a bad thing after all.

Now off to write some thank you notes. :)

Soli Deo Gloria.

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