Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why I Hate Make Up

I posted a photo of myself with make-up on and in the caption made the comment that I hated make-up.

Quite a few girls commented.

"But you look so good!"

I tried to explain in a few words but couldn't quite get them to understand: I have a love hate relationship with make-up.

The reasons why I like it are pretty obvious; it makes you look good.  Here is why I hate it:

Make-up can become addictive.
You know those girls who will not step outside of the house without a full face of make up?  (Exceptions to this rule are those who have to wear make-up for work.) Yeah, they are addicted to make-up.  They are a different person without it.  Without make-up, they lack confidence.  Sometimes I wonder if they will get married and have a hard time showing their husbands their bare faces.

I like sleep.
I wake up with minimal amount of time to get ready.  I shower, dress and brush, then I'm out the door.  I would rather sleep then spend time in front of the mirror beautifying myself. Yup. Sleep > looks.  Today and every day.

But it makes me look good and feel confident. 
Herein lies the problem.  Make-up does a good job at making me feel beautiful, confident, sexy.  I feel the draw to make myself up every day.  Putting on eyeliner can make my eyes look ten times better in a matter of minutes.  Putting on bronzer can make my face look thinner.   

Make-up has so much power over my face and over me. 
I don't like that.  I don't like that I lack the self confidence in my own body that I am so drawn to the products.  If I hadn't grown up under the leadership of a mother who didn't put on make-up herself on a daily basis, I would probably be sucked in for good.

I don't expect every woman to understand my problem.  I think if you were taught from a young age that make-up was a normal part of a lady's life, then you have a harder time grasping my issue.

But for those who do understand, stand firm.  I know you don't feel as beautiful without make-up on, and if it didn't take you so darn long to put the stuff on, you would probably put it on every day.  I'll be trying, along with you, to lessen make-up's power over my confidence.  It all starts with me.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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