Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never Ever Ever Ever Enough Time

If you really delve into this American society, one thing is pretty certain: you will never have enough time.

There are a million and one things demanding your time.  Exercise, self-improvement, hobbies, kids, church, work, work, and more work, family, friends, alone time, spouse time, music, Internet, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, your phone, games, this blog, your blog, your hopes and your dreams.  Everything wants a piece of your precious time.

And guess what?  Time is the one of the few things you have that you cannot change.  You can improve your health.  You can earn more money.  You can get an education to gain more knowledge.  You can move up (or down) the social ladder, the economic ladder.  You can even change your gender if you want.  

But you cannot change how much time you have.  
So, guess what?  You have to pick and choose.  And because, we are all limited to 24 hours in a day, what we choose says a lot about what is important to us. 

Although we may not like work, we enjoy self-sufficiency or at least spending money.  We spend time with people that are important to us and less time (or no time) with people we dislike.  We enjoy movies and games and goofing off on our phones because we value relaxation and "me time."

Although the phrase "make time" is impossible, in a way it is sort of true.  The lovely thing about a schedule is you can often move things around and sacrifice less important things for more important ones.  That is what "making time" means.

If something comes up that is important and can't wait (i.e. a funeral, a friend in need, an opportunity to love on people, etc.), you can easily sacrifice other things in your schedule (i.e. sleep, going to the movies, "me time", studying, etc.) to show up to whatever popped up.

Sometimes sacrifice means to get rid of.  Sometimes you have to just get less sleep.  Sometimes sacrifice means to do later or to condense or to shorten.  You will study, just not as much as you could have, but you valued giving that friend a listening ear when he/she needed to talk. just have to make time.

We are never ever ever ever going to have enough time in this life (and yes, I just made a Taylor Swift reference) to do everything WE want.  But there is plenty enough time in this life to do everything we SHOULD.

Soli Deo Gloria. 

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